Amp Repair

Tired of searching Denver for that amp repair service that doesn’t exist.  Well, here at Spampinato Guitars – in addition to our comprehensive guitar repair services – we now also provide a full amplifier repair service! We specialize in diagnosing and fixing all types of tube amp issues, from tube replacement to amp circuit modification.

Want to obtain a different tone? Restore your tube amp to that organic natural sound and recapture that “touch sensitive” clean distortion? Have questions about modifying your amplifier? Your tone is the most important thing, so we use only the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that your amp is repaired to the highest standards possible.

We offer a variety of common repair services, including:

  • Tube check and replacement
  • Filter cap replacement
  • Resistor replacement
  • Cathode bypass cap replacement
  • Speaker replacement
  • Jack repair
  • Pot cleaning and repair
  • And much more!

We also offer a variety of preventive maintenance services, such as:

  • Cleaning and de-oxidizing
  • Bias adjustment
  • Pot lubrication
  • And more!

So don’t let your amp sit in the corner gathering dust. Bring it to us and we’ll get it back to sounding its best in no time!

Feel free to call us at 720-638-1944 to discuss your particular repair need, or stop in with your amp during any of our regular business hours.