Guitar Building Classes

Looking for the ultimate guitar that suits your playing style, aesthetic, and electronics sensibility?  Why not build your own to spec?  At Spampinato Guitars, we are offering direct instruction in our workshop on how to build a classic Telecaster-style guitar that can be customized to become your dream guitar.  Each class is taught by two highly qualified instructors, with a maximum class size of six students, which ensures top quality learning and acquisition of a solid foundation in luthier skills and techniques.

This guitar build is not from a kit.  Students begin with solid blocks of wood from standard instrument-grade species, and they carve, route, sand, and shape the wood from start to finish.  For the body, students can choose between swamp ash, bass wood, alder, and pine, and for the neck the choice is between mahogany or maple.  Fingerboards can be made of ebony or rosewood.  Other raw materials may be available upon request, and all wood is sourced directly through Spampinato Guitars’ direct suppliers.

In our classic luthier workshop, you’ll find no CNC machines or digital wood carvers.  We use only hand tools that have withstood the test of time, and we teach our students woodworking skills that can become the foundation for the enthusiastic hobbyist or even career minded builders.  Shop safety is of the utmost importance to us, so our students are taught the proper techniques that are consistent with industry standards.  Our luthier instructors – Mason & Matt – have a combined 35 years of experience in the classroom, and deliver a unique and personalized instruction for all students.

All of the standard guitar parts, including pickups, bridge, pick guard, tuning machines, fretting material, knobs, switch, etc. are completely customizable to fit the style of the player.  We are especially proud to be a Lollar Pickup certified dealer, and the inclusion of these hand-wound, USA made, state-of-the-art electronics are guaranteed to complete the ultimate guitar for the builder.

Prior to the beginning of each class, we have a personal interview with the student to first determine if the required skill set and rigor of the course is a good fit, and if it is we proceed to help the student design and configure all the parts and materials necessary for an outstanding build.

The student’s journey will begin with shaping the body of the guitar, routing the pickup and electronics cavities, cutting the neck profile, installing the truss rod, gluing down the fingerboard, shaping the contour of the neck, installing frets and fret markers, soldering and installing the pickups, potentiometers, capacitors, switch and jack, and  installing the tuning machines.  After finishing the body and the neck, the student will cut a bone nut, and finally end with stringing and setting up the guitar.  The end result will be a hand-crafted instrument to be treasured for generations.

Course Details:

  • Duration: Total hands-on time is approximately 30 hours.  This is usually broken down to six consecutive Saturday classes, but there will be other configurations possible.
  • Tuition: $1,750 plus the cost of materials.
  • Materials: $250 – $500.  The variable materials costs include individual student choices on tuning machines, fret material, pickups, bridge, switch, knobs, etc.
  • Interview: Prior to signing up for the course, we require a personal interview with the student so that we can get to know each other and to be sure that the course scope, sequence, and skill set is compatible with the student.  We will also have time to discuss material selection and answer any specific questions the student may have.
  • Deposit: A $500 tuition deposit is required upon registration.  The tuition balance and materials fee is due upon the beginning of class.

Upcoming Course Start Dates:

  • Fall ’24 September 7 start date (spots available)
  • Fall ’24 November 2 start date (spots available)

Class start dates subject to change


Classes will fill up quickly, so if you are interested in registering for a future class, please call us at 720-638-1944 or email us at to schedule your pre-registration meeting.