Music Lessons

Adult Guitar/Bass Lessons
Spampinato Guitars is excited to now offer a very limited number of spots (currently only four) available for personalized guitar or bass lessons with local musician and luthier Mason Shellmire. As well as being a luthier, Mason also offers both guitar and bass lessons for all levels at the shop. 
He currently plays professionally in Denver and surrounding areas. He tours nationally with his up and coming band Eldren. With a Bachelor’s Degree in music performance from the University of Colorado at Denver and close to two decades of gigging professionally, Mason has the experience and knowledge to help any level player achieve his or her next desired level of musicianship. Mason is well versed in genres such as rock, blues, reggae, jazz, funk, classical and pop just to name a few. Whether you are looking to learn by ear and take a more natural approach or if you want to learn by the book and learn to read musical notation, Mason can guide you through a curriculum that is taylor made for you and your goals.